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RER Series

The main characteristics are the next:

  • Software for all type of threading (ballscrews, worms, gauges,*.dxf profile importing.
  • Built-in spindle motors
  • Amply range of wheelhead designs (depending on the application and power enquiries)
  • Amply range of Dressing unit designs (independent Z1/X1 configuration over the wheelhead, workhead configuration, etc..))
  • Helix angle by means of automatic swivelling (+45º / -45º)
  • Integration of different type of steady rests (hydraulic, manual, cnc,etc…)

Technical specifications

RER 500 SL / RER1000-3000 / RER 4000-6000 SP

Length between centers750 mm / 1100-3100 mm / 4100-6200 mm
Height of centers150 mm / 200 mm / 270 mm
Helix angle- 90º to +50º
Min/Max Workpiece diameter4-300 / 8-300 mm
Wheel diameter350 mm / 500 mm / 500 mm
Wheelhead power range11 kW - 24 kW - 37 kW - 54 kW
Machine Total weight5500 kg / 9000 -16000 kg / 21000-26000 kg


Wide range of worms with modules up to 25 and profiles ZK, ZN, ZI, ZA or user loaded.
RAV-800Amply range of worm applications for transmissions sector, with modules until 25. ISO ZK,ZN,ZI and ZA profiles and customized profiles as well


Doimak has developed a sort of applications for the gear and transmissions field: Based on RER thread grinding platform, straight and helical involute gears can be ground using latest CNC technology which includes built-in drives and linear motors.

Involute as well as cycloidal gear profiles are automatically calculated according to standard gear parameters. Dressing is made including helix angle compensation. Higher degrees of process automation thanks to different probing and component measuring solutions.