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RCN Series

Technical specifications


Length range between centers500 mm to 8.000 mm (*)
Range of Height of points200 mm / 300 mm / 450 mm
Rotary base+90º - 225º
OD Wheel dimensions350 mm / 500 mm / 610 mm / 750 mm / 915 mm
Part weight range500 kg / 1.500 kg / 2.500 kg / 4.000 kg / 6.000 kg (*)
Wheelhead Power range 21 kW / 37 kW
* Other dimensions under project study

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The main characteristics are the following:

  • Machine configurations: moving table, cross slide config., multi-wheelhead slide.
  • High precision rotary base for taper grinding or multi-head exchanging
  • Range of wheelheads available: possibility to use hydrostatic bearing wheelhead spindle / contact bearing built-in motors, each one accommodated to the requirements of the grinding process
  • Wide range of dressing shapes can be achieved either with single tip or rolling diamond dresser. Possibility to enter custom profiles through *.dxf or ISO files
  • In-process measuring systems,
  • Other technologies:
    • Steady rests -manual adjusting, hydraulic self-centring, cnc-,
    • Internal grinding spindles
    • Combined thread / cylindrical grinding processes


Transmission shafts

Shafts for turbines, wind mills or ship engines are common applications that need accurate finishing for mounting bearing sets. RCN2G-4000SP Ejes

Printing rolls
Rubber rollers

Rubber/plastic coated surfaces, combining other operation in one machine (turning drilling, etc) RCN-3-8000-SP-11 RCN-3-8000-SP-08 RCN-3-8000-SP-05

Steel rolling shafts

Steel processing rolls RCN-G-3000-E Rubber/plastic coated surfaces, combining other operation in one machine (turning drilling, etc)

Hydraulic piston cylinders

Long , high accuracy and superfinished surface cilinders Long , high accuracy and superfinished surface cilinderspistonHidro


Broaches external surface grinding       RCN-2G 2500 Broaches

Peel grinding

Doimak RAV peel grinding machine uses high speed work-head combined with CBN grinding tools for machining the component describing the complete contour in a continuous path, similar to tuning operation, but with the advantages of grinding.




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OD / ID Grinding

Doimak provides solutions to a wide range of applications of cylindrical shaft grinding industry. Power generation and transmissions, rolling industry, printing industry or gummy shafts are ground considering exact requirement of each application. Focused mainly in medium/large size shafts on turn key projects. Different disposition of wheels, including OD/ID solutions with multiple grinding heads mounted in a single swiveling base, responding to almost any type of application requirement. Optimization of productivity by means of in-process measuring systems, steady rests and wheel contact sensors