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RER Series

Technical specifications

RER 500 SL / RER1000-3000 / RER 4000-6000 SP

Length between centers750 mm / 1100-3100 mm / 4100-6200 mm
Height of centers150 mm / 200 mm / 270 mm
Helix angle- 90º to +50º
Min/Max Workpiece diameter4-300 / 8-300 mm
Wheel diameter350 mm / 500 mm / 500 mm
Wheelhead power range11 kW - 24 kW - 37 kW - 54 kW
Machine Total weight5500 kg / 9000 -16000 kg / 21000-26000 kg

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The main characteristics are:

  • Wide range of wheelhead designs selected for each application requirement.
  • Spindles equipped with built-in motors.
  • Slides with combination of linear & hydrostatic drives.
  • Flexible dressing units:
    • Dedicated slides Z1/X1
    • Fitted on the workhead, table or tailstock.
  • Integration of different type of steady rests: hydraulic, manual, CNC
  • Friendly parametric programming interface.
  • Possibility to integrate the AWC_system
    • High ergonomis & concentricity accuracy
    • Multioperation with single part clamping: OD/THREAD/GEAR


Worldwide leaders in the ballscrew sector.



Worldwide leaders in the ballscrew sector,with the latest know how in the processGrinding Machine

Roller & Planetary Screws
Precision shafts for high load and other ultra-precise linear motion applications.

Automotive steering

High precision thread grinding on mass production of electronic steering racks.     RER-1000


Wide range of worms with modules up to25 and profiles ZK, ZN, ZI, ZA or user loaded.





Screw pump & compressor rotors

Precision grinding of rotary screws, male & female.Screw Pump


Rotative high efficiency pumps screws, (male/female part combination)

Extruder shafts

Long lead/helix shafts, with the possibility of multi-pitch and barrier shafts.     High lead (and thus helix angle) long shafts , with the possibility of multi-pitch and barrier shafts. RER-6000-SP-03


Thread gauges
Rolling dies





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