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REN-T Series

Technical specifications


Length between centers500 mm / 1.000 mm
Height of points275 mm / 410 mm
Swivelling axis±90º
Accuracy classClass 4 under DIN 3960-1-2
Part max. weight100 kg / 500 kg
Machine dimensionsL: 4420 W: 2075 H: 2350
Machine Total weight9.000 kg

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The main characteristics are the following:

  • Software for involute profiles with head and base correction.
  • Built-in spindle motors
  • Dressing by contour disc
  • Helix angle by means of automatic swivelling (+90º / -90º)
  • Integration of different type of touch probe solutions


Cycloidal gears

REN-T_13Special profiles with sinusoidal splines

Straight/Helical involute gears

REN-500-T External straight and helical gears

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Straight / Helical gears

Doimak has developed a sort of applications for the gear and transmissions field: Based on RER thread grinding platform, straight and helical involute gears can be ground using latest CNC technology which includes built-in drives and linear motors. Involute as well as cycloidal gear profiles are automatically calculated according to standard gear parameters; dressing is made including helix angle compensation. Probing sensor for part pre-setting and basic geometrical verification.