Thread Grinding Internal RIR 275 High load nuts RIR 600
Small nuts for machine tools and other applications RIR 275
External RER 2500 Ballscrews RER 2500
Roller screws RER 1000
Automotive steering RER 1000
Worms RER 1000
Screw pump & compressor rotors RER 1000
Extruder shafts RER 6000 SP
Thread gauges RER 500 SL
Rolling dies RER 500 SL
Tool grinding RFM 1000 Hob grinding RFM 1000
Hob re-sharpening AF 75
Tap grinding RER 500 SL
Cylindrical Grinding OD / ID Grinding RCN G 2SP Transmission shafts
Printing rolls RCN G 3000
Rubber rollers RCN 8000 SP
Steel rolling shafts RCN G 3000
Hydraulic piston cylinders
Broaches RCN-SL
Peel Grinding RAV
Automotive High production RER 1000 Steering components RER 1000
Gearbox and transmissions
Engine components
Gear Grinding Worm gears RER W Worms RER 1000
External gears REN 500 T Helical/straight involute gears REN T 500
Cycloidal gear REN T 500
Internal gears RIN-T Helical RIN T
Cycloidal RIN T