Innovative Grinding Technology

Doimak manufactures a comprehensive range of grinding machines. We are pioneers and leaders in the application of ballscrews. The R&D Department of Doimak and the Technological Center of Tekniker have been working together over the years, in the development for the best solutions for the grinding needs. Likewise the close cooperation with the users has brought about a comprehensive range of machinery excelling and outperforming the traditional technology available. 




Doimak delivers two REN-T spline & gear grinding machines for the machining of cycloid, helical and spur gears

In April 2016 Doimak has tested and delivered ready for production two REN-T grinding machines with exceptional accuracy results achieved during run off tests.


In the newest model Doimak REN-T gear grinder, besides the remarkable accuracy and machine performance, a highlight as gear inspection with integrated probing technology must be mentioned. With the latest Doimak development the machine inspects gear diameter, run-out or teeth alignment just after grinding takes place. Machine setting times will be considerably reduced and overall machining process becomes quicker and more reliable thanks to the integrated inspection technology.

Succesfully installed the new automotive machine RI-G for the grinding of Differential Housing Flange for rear axle

Final User has reached a high productivity and an excepcional grinding quality, due to the implemented solution of the last generation grinding machine DOIMAK RI-G MODEL.
This compact grinding machine model, offers a high dinamic answer allowing to reach with efficiency the automotive sector needs.
This grinding machine include a robot for the automatic loading and unloading for the parts, combining with a post process-measuring unit and other machines for previous operations.